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Mao and the Cold War







Our next unit will explore the rise and rule of Mao Zedong.  Mao is our final leader of an authoritarian state, a "key" figure in a civil war and an important player in a number of Cold War Crises.   This unit will help you support you in answering the Paper 2 Topics 10, 11 and 12.  We will be guided by the following key questions:

1. What were the causes of the Chinese Civil War?

2. What were the tactics, foreign support, outside events and key turning points that led to CCP victory in the Chinese Civil War?

3. How did Mao Zedong and the CCP establish control in China?

4. What role did China play in the origin, escalation and conclusion of the Korean War? (CW Crisis)

5. What role did China play in the origin, escalation and conclusion of the Chinese Offshore Island Crises of 1954/1958?

6. What were the causes, key events and consequences of the Great Leap Forward?

7. What were the reasons for the Sino-Soviet Split and what impact did it have on the Cold War?

8. What were the causes, key events and consequences of the Cultural Revolution?

9. Why did the United States reopen relations with China and how did it impact the Cold War?

10. How should history judge Mao Zedong and his rule in China from 1949-1976?

Causes of the Chinese Civil War
Causes and Start of Chinese Civil War Part 1
First 30 minutes
HW: Read introduction to Guerilla Warfare
The Long March
Yanan Period (Maoism)
HW: Read Hsu on the Chinese Civil War
Chinese Civil War Part II
Comparison between Russian, Spanish and Chinese Civil War
Small Group Discussion
HW: Essay Plan on Chinese and Spanish Civil Wars
(Thesis, Topic Sentences, Evidence/Historiography)
“The influence of foreign powers determined the outcome of 20th century civil wars.” Discuss with reference to two wars.
Mr. Mao Goes to Moscow and Consolidates Power
Causes of the Korean War
Eisenhower's New Look Strategy
Chinese Offshore Island Crises
Compare and Contrast
Berlin Blockade, Korean War and Chinese Offshore Island Crises
HW: Read 652-658 in HSU
Stalin's Death and De-Stalinization
Hundred Flowers Campaign
The Great Leap Forward
Great Leap Forward and its Consequences
How much is Mao to blame for the Great Famine?
Resources for Evaluating Mao's Responsibility
Mao's Speech at Lushan
Facts and Details
Causes, Key Events and Consequences of Sino-Soviet Split
Sino-Soviet Split Timeline
Analysis of Sino-Soviet Split
Khrushchev in Water Wings
Nixon Goes to China
HW: Complete Nixon Reading and questions (if needed)
Nixon Starter
Causes, Key Events and Consequences of the Cultural Revolution (1:02:00-1:34:30)
March of the Revolutionary Youth (Audio)
HW: Complete "Perfect 7" essay on the Cultural Revolution
Death of Mao Zedong and the Gang of Four
Mao's Death and the Trial of the Gang of Four (1:34:30-End)
Evaluating Mao Zedong as and Authoritarian Leader and as a Cold War actor
HW: Prepare for Mao On Demand Essay
Mao On Demand Essay
HW: Enjoy Spring Break
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