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Here are some Sample Investigations with the Moderators Comments around the Assessment Criteria

Moderator comments

Criterion                                            Marks awarded                            Marks available

Criterion A                                                   5                                                    6

Criterion B                                                  14                                                   15

Criterion C                                                   3                                                    4

Total marks                                                  22                                                  25


Criterion A

An appropriate research question has been clearly stated. The candidate has selected appropriate and relevant sources and there is some explanation of the relevance of the sources to the investigation. There is explicit discussion of the value and limitations of the sources to the investigation.


Criterion B

The investigation is clear and effectively organized. It draws from a range of sources and uses evidence effectively to support the arguments. There is evaluation of different perspectives. A reasoned conclusion is offered.


Criterion C

The section offers clear connections between the reflection and the investigation. The candidate offers reflection on the methods and challenges of the historian.

Moderator comments

Criterion                                              Marks awarded                             Marks available

Criterion A                                                    4                                                     6

Criterion B                                                   13                                                    15

Criterion C                                                   4                                                      4

Total marks                                                  21                                                     25


Criterion A

An appropriate research question has been stated. Two appropriate sources have been selected but there is no explicit explanation of their relevance to the investigation. There is some analysis and evaluation of the sources. The evaluation of the value of the sources is stronger than the evaluation of their limitations.


Criterion B

The section is clear and effectively organized. Evidence from a range of sources is used effectively. Critical analysis is focused on the research question. Different perspectives are included and some, such as perspectives on the role of FMC, are evaluated. It argues to a consistent, reasoned conclusion. Some evidence, such as the 1975 Family Code, falls outside the timeframe.


Criterion C

The section is clearly focused on the methods of and challenges to historians. It makes effective and explicit links to the investigation.

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