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Historical Fiction

Source Evaluation

In this unit we are going to explore where fiction meets reality.  You are each going to select one artistic creation in the disciplines of literature and evaluate it as a historical source.  Utilizing your understanding of source evaluation, you will select and evaluate one piece of historical fiction (novel or play) and create a detailed analysis of its value and limitations as a historical source.
Your presentation should be approximately 15 minutes in length and include a detailed evaluation of your sources value and limitations utilizing the origin, purpose and especially the content to demonstrate its utility.
You will be evaluated on a modified paper 1 rubric and your presentation will be a summative assessment for I.B. History II.
Introduction to Historical Fiction Review
Brainstorm/Research Potential Sources
121 Library
User Name: tualhigh
Password: gowolves
Washington County Cooperative Library Services
Source Selection
Sample Presentation
Asterix and the Chieftain's Shield
Research Source Origin/Purpose
Lesson 3.jpg
Research and Planing Source Evaluation
Introduction to the Knowledge Framework (History)
What is your checklist to make sure you get into the top band of the rubric?
Research and Planning Source Evaluation
The Princess that Re-Wrote History
Historical fiction, fictional history: stories we tell about the past
Can fiction ever be more valuable than the truth?
Pedantic vs. Pragmatic History
Work on Source Evaluation Presentation
Complete Source Evaluation Presentation
Practice Delivery
(Small Groups)
Review First Draft of Presentation with Mr. Johnson
Presentation Order Selection
Source Evaluation Presentations Begin
Source Evaluation Presentations
Source Evaluation Presentations
Finish Source Evaluation Presentations
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