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The Spanish Civil War

Our next unit will help prepare us for our paper 2 topic: Causes and Effects of 20th Century wars.  The Spanish Civil war will be the second our second civil war.  Our goal will be to compare and contrast this civil war with our previous civil war, the Russian Civil War.  Our unit will be driven by the below key questions:

1. What were the political, social and economic conditions that led to the collapse of the parliamentary government of Spain and the establishment of Prima de Rivera regime?

2. What were the developments during the Primo de Rivera regime and why did it collapse in 1931?

3. How was the political system polarized during the Second Republic and how did the rules of Azana and Gil Robles lead to the collapse of the Second Republic?

4. What were the causes of the Spanish Civil?

5. How did foreign involvement impact the Spanish Civil War and why did the Nationalist forces win the Spanish Civil War?




1. The Spanish Civil War by Frances Lennon

2. Interwar Years: Cooperation and Conflict 


  1. Formative

    1. Class Discussions

    2. Short Answer Questions

    3. Essay Plans

    4. Source Analysis

  2. Summative

    1. Past Paper 2 Questions (Topics 2 and 3)-On Demand Essay

    2. Socratic Discussion Comparing/Contrasting the Russian and Spanish Civil Wars

Unit Calendar

The Calendar outlines the plan for our day to day in class activities and the homework that will be assigned. The expectation is that students complete all homework assignments for the next lesson unless otherwise indicated on the calendar. While we would like this to be set in stone, unforeseen events and intriguing tangents might change the plan so if you are ever in doubt on what is due and when, please ask

Lesson 1.jpg
Spain's First Republic
Spain SPICE Analysis
HW: Read Chapter on the Dictatorship of Primo De Rivera
Lesson 2.png
Document Analysis (pgs. 10-13) of The Primo de Rivera Dictatorship and the Fall of the Monarchy
Fling the Teacher: The Reign of Primo de Rivera
HW: Read Second Republic
Lesson 3.jpg
Causes of the Spanish Civil War Essay Plan
Create an TWE essay plan for one of the debated positions on the causes of the Spanish Civil War
Lesson 5.jpg
Knowledge Check- Why did the Nationalists Win?
Work on Spanish Civil War Podcast
HW: Complete Podcast
Lesson 6.jpg
Share Podcasts
Review Spanish Civil War
Compare and Contrast Russian and Spanish Civil War
Group Essay Planning
HW: Review for On-Demand Essay
Lesson 7.jpg
Spanish Civil War On-Demand Essay (Paper 2 Question)
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