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I.B. History Exam Revision

The time has come!!  In a few short weeks you will be sitting your I.B. History exam, which makes up 80% of your overall I.B. score.  The I.B. History Higher Level Exam will be sat over two days. It will include:
Paper 1 (1 hour)

Source-based paper based on the five prescribed subjects. Choose one prescribed subject from a choice of five. Answer four structured questions. (24 marks)

Paper 2 (1 hour 30 minutes)

Essay paper based on the 12 world history topics. Answer two essay questions on two different topics. (30 marks)

Paper 3 (2 hours 30 minutes)

Separate papers for each of the four regional options. For the selected region, answer three essay questions. (45 marks)

This exam will allow you to fully demonstrate your knowledge of the content of the course.  While you will not have to show mastery of every topic (you get some choice), you will want to give yourself some flexibility in  question selection if you have more topics under your belt.

Below is a calendar of our in-class and after school (optional) revision sessions.  Please attempt to review the content focus of the lesson before you come to class.  While Mr. Johnson will provide structures to support you, your revision is your responsibility.

Here is an online copy of the Revision Guide, in case you lose yours:

Lesson 1.jpg
Mini-Mock Exam
HW: Develop Revision Calendar
Paper 1- German and Italian Foreign Policy Case Studies
After School Session
Thursday April 25th
3:10-4:00 PM ish
Paper 1 Strategies and Practice
Review Videos for Axis Powers
Japan's Road to War
Germany Road to War
Italy Road to War
Paper 2- Hot and Cold War
Our Hot Wars
Russian Civil War
Spanish Civil War
World War II-Europe
World War II- Pacific
Chinese Civil War
(guerrilla warfare)
Korean War
Soviet Afghan War
Paper 2- Authoritarians
After School Session
Wednesday May 1st
3:10-4:00 PM ish
Paper 3- Russia and the USSR
Paper 3- Diplomacy in Europe
Paper 3- Diplomacy in Europe
Tuesday May 7th 8:00-11:20 AM
Lecture Hall
Last Minute Panic Questions and General Anxiety Drop In Session
Post Exam Historical Choices Scripted Discussion
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