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Suggestions on Research Questions

Use these different styles of question to write your own research question.  If your topic does not fit nicely into one of them, then play around with them for a little bit and see how you can use it to fit your topic.  These templates are like clay, they are malleable, not like granite.

  • Events/Inventions/Styles

    • How did Event A compare and/or contrast to Event B?

    • Was Small Event A significant to Bigger Event B?

    • How significant was Small Event A to Bigger Event B?

    • Why was Small Event A significant to Bigger Event B?

    • To what extent was Bigger Event A due to Smaller Event B?

  • People/Leaders

    • How did Person A's leadership compare and/or contrast to Person B's leadership?

    • How did the way Person A handled Event A compare and/or contrast to the way Person B handled Event A?

    • Analyze Person A’s choice to take Action A.

    • How successful was Person A in Event A?

    • Was Person A significant to Event A?

    • How significant was Person A to Event A?

    • Why was Person A significant to Event A?

    • To what extent was Event A due to Person A's decisions?

  • Countries

    • How did the way Country A handled Event A compare and/or contrast to the way Country B handled Event A?

    • Analyze Country A’s choice to take Action A.

    • How successful was Country A in Event A?

    • Was Country A significant to beginning/ending Event A?

    • How significant was Country A to Event A?

    • Why was Country A significant to Event A?

    • To what extent was Event A due to Country A's decisions?

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