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Total War and the Consequences of World War I

Out first unit will be to examine the consequences of the First World War. In this unit, we will explore how Europe was shaped by the destruction of the conflict, how the treaties following the war changed the political, social and economic reality of the continent and how failures in diplomacy brought Europe back to war in one generation. More specifically our unit will discuss:

  1. To what extent was did the Paris Peace Conference and the resulting Treaty of Versailles create a plan for lasting peace in Europe and the World?

  2. What were the socio-economic impacts of World War I and how did the Allied powers attempt to alleviate these impacts? To what extent were they successful?

  3. How did the subsequent peace settlements from 1919-1925 attempts to maintain peace and to what extent were they successful?

  4. How did the League of Nations act as an organization for peace and was it destined to fail?

  5. What attempts were made for collective security and disarmament in the 1920's and to what extent were they successful?

The primary text for the unit will be Erik Goldstein’s The First World Peace Settlements: 1919-1925, but we will also be drawing selections from various other secondary sources as well as be closely examining a number of primary documents. 



  1. Standards

    1. IB.History.AO.1A: Recall core content knowledge regarding historical events

    2. IB.History.AO.2A,2B,3A,3B: Write on demand essays that support arguments with specific evidence 

    3. IB.History.AO.2C,3C,3D: Interpret, compare, and evaluate historical sources and use them effectively as evidence

  2. Formative

    1. Class Discussions

    2. Prompts

    3. Short Answer Questions

    4. Source Analysis (OPVL)

    5. Essay Writing Skill Development

    6. War Memorial to WW1

  3. Summative

    1. In-Class Paper 3 Past Paper Question​​

Unit Calendar
The Calendar outlines the plan for our day to day in class activities and the homework that will be assigned. The expectation is that students complete all homework assignments for the next lesson unless otherwise indicated on the calendar. While we would like this to be set in stone, unforeseen events and intriguing tangents might change the plan so if you are ever in doubt on what is due and when, please ask!

  • What is the IB History Course All About?
    How can I be successful in IB History?

Introduction to IB History and Mr. Johnson
Develop Learning Community Expectations
Explore Wiki
Letter to Mr. Johnson


What is History?

Classroom Expectations
Review Syllabus

Join Mr. Johnson's Google Classroom
40 Maps that Explain the World
Introduce Letter to Mr. Johnson


Letter to Mr. Johnson Activity
Complete Letter to Mr. Johnson and review Syllabus with Parents

  • What were the causes and key events of the First Global Conflict?

World War 1 Causes and Main Events


Sample WWI Diagram


Read pages 1-8 in Goldstein

  • What are the lasting lessons we should take away from World War I?

  • What were the aims and objectives of the Big Three before the Paris Peace Conference?

War Memorials to WWI
Eve of Paris Peace Conference

Perspectives for Human World War I Memorial

Aims of the Big Three Before Versailles Activity


Read pages 9-20 in Goldstein

  • What are the different views do Historians hold on the TOV and how are influenced by their context?

Notes Check
Introduction to Historiography
Analysis of the Treaty of Versailles-Historiography


Make Germany Pay

What the Big Three Wanted vs What They Got in the TOV 

Mr. Johnson's Guide to Historiography

More Historiography on WWI from History Today
(Who is to Blame)

Definition of Carthaginian Peace


Complete Analysis of TOV
"To what extent was the TOV a Carthaginian Peace?"
New Paper Three Rubric

  • What were the key terms of the TOV and how were they viewed by the conquerors and the conquered?

Review Analysis of Treaty of Versailles
Introduction to Socratic Discussion
Class Discussion: To what extent was it a “Carthaginian Peace”?


Introduction to Socratic Discussion
Anthony Lentin on TOV

  • What were the main areas for future conflict following the Paris Peace Treaties?

Introduction to Socratic Discussion
Anthony Lentin on TOV


Chapters from Goldstein for Hot Spot Map


Complete Hot Spot Map

  • To what extent were the Paris Peace treaties successful in creating lasting peace in Europe and the World?

Present Maps of Potential Hot Spots and discuss:
What area has the greatest potential to lead to another global conflict?
Review Key Components of writing an IB essay
Develop SA into an essay plan


Mr. Johnson's Guide to Topic Outlines



New Paper Three Rubric
Return TOV Short Answers


Complete Essay Plan

  • How was the LON organized and how effective was this structure for addressing challenges to collective security?

The League of Nations
Organization, Powers, Strengths and Weaknesses
Analysis of the LN
Short Answer Question: Was the League Doomed to Fail?


Introduction to the League of Nations
Breaking Down the League of Nations

League of Nations-Was it Doomed to Fail

More Reading for League of Nations (Choices Series)
Page 7- Wilson's Vision
Pages 40-44 Legacy of the LON
Pages 49-55- Covenant of the League of Nations


Complete Short Answer Response (If Necessary)

  • What were the attempts at disarmament in the 1920's and how effective were they?

The Washington Conference and Stability in East Asia
Compare Perspectives on the Outcomes Using Treaty text
To what extent did the settlements from the Washington Conference lead to a more stable world?


Geneva Disarmament Conference 1932


Read Chapter 8 (Locarno) of Goldstein

  • What were the reasons for, key agreements and impact of the Locarno treaty?

Setup Locarno and Revisiting Germany


Germany 1919-1924

Link to Original Footage on Locarno
Locarno Basics (pgs. 5-8)


Complete Locarno Voice Over Script/Recording

  • To what extent had the goals of the Paris Peace Conference been achieved by 1929?

Enforcing Versailles and the Beginning of the Locarno Era
(Kellogg Briand, Geneva and London Naval)
Prepare Socratic Discussion on:
To what extent had the goals of the Paris Peace Conference been achieved by 1932?


Share Locarno Voice Overs
Introduction to Socratic Discussion

Talking Points for Socratic Discussion on Collective Security and Disarmament 1932

Sample Student Voice Over for Locarno Footage


Prepare Discussion Notes
(One Page Only)

  • To what extent had the goals of the Paris Peace Conference been achieved by 1932?

Socratic Discussion (First 50 Minutes)
Review for In-Class Essay


Talking Points for Socratic Discussion on Collective Security and Disarmament 1932


Bring in notes for Revision

Revision Groups and Marking Sample Essays


Interwar Period Cartoon Review 

Sample Introduction for an On Demand Essay

Sample Paragraphs from Past Student

Student Sample Brainstroms on Syllabus Points

Student Brainstorm Aims of Big 3 and Terms of TOV

Student Brainstorm Terms of Paris Peace Treaties

Student Brainstorm League of Nations and Collective Security

Student Brainstorm Disarmament Conferences

Student Brainstorm Ruhr Crisis, Locarno Pact and Spring


Review for Essay Assessment

In-Class Essay on Total War and Consequences of World War I


Check out Waller and Marples from the Library
Read pgs. 12-25 in Waller

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