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Examining Genocide in the 20th Century

This unit will examine the causes, key events and consequences of the Holocaust.  While not a required component of the I.B. History curriculum, studying the examples of genocide in the 20th Century will hopefully help us to take action to prevent future manifestations in the 21st Century.  Our mini-unit will be organized around the below key questions:
1. What are the 10 stages of Genocide and how can they be used to understand the experience of Jews and other "undesirables"in the Holocaust?
2. What were the causes, key events and consequences of the Holocaust?
3. What are examples of other genocides of the 20th Century and how do they compare/contrast with the Holocaust?
4. What can and should we do when we encounter the early stages of genocide in our world today?
Classification, Symbolization, Discrimination and Dehumanization
Organization, Polarization and Preparation
Who Will Write Our History
(Warsaw Ghetto)
Persecution and Extermination
Auschwitz and the Industrialization of Genocide
Modern Genocide Jigsaw
Applying the 10 Stages of Genocide to Our World Today
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