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Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany

Two authoritarian regimes that fundamentally shaped the first half of the 20th Century were the Fascist government of Benito Mussolini and the Nazi government of Adolf Hitler.  In this unit we will examine the rise and rule of each of these dictators and attempt to evaluate to what extent they achieved totalitarian control.  We will also take a look at a culminating event of their foreign policies on the eve of World War II, the Spanish Civil war.  Our unit will be focused around the below key questions:
1. What were the conditions in post-war Italy that led to support for the Fascist Party?
2. How did Mussolini solidify his control by 1927?
3. What were the domestic policies of Mussolini and to what extent were they successful?
4. What were the conditions in the Weimar Republic that facilitated the Nazi party's rise to power?
5. How did Hitler solidify his control over the Nazi Party and Germany by 1934?
6. What were Hitler's domestic policies and to what extent were they successful?
7. What were the foreign policy goals of Mussolini and Hitler and to what extent were they achieved by 1939?
8. What were the causes, key events and consequences of the Spanish Civil War for Spain and the international community?
Resources: We will be using a few resources for this unit that are available in the library as well as additional resources that will be available from the website.  The books to be checked out for this unit are:
Italian Fascism by De Grand
The Interwar Years: Conflict and Cooperation by Todd, Bottaro and Waller
The Spanish Civil War by Frances Lanon
  1. Formative
    1. Class Discussions
    2. Short Answer Questions
    3. Essay Plans
    4. Source Analysis
    5. Homework Past Paper 2 Essays​​
  2. Summative
    1. Italian Fascism and German Nazism = In-Class On Demand Essay
    2. Compare and Contrast Hitler and Mussolini = Essay Plan​​
Unit Calendar
The Calendar outlines the plan for our day to day in class activities and the homework that will be assigned. The expectation is that students complete all homework assignments for the next lesson unless otherwise indicated on the calendar. While we would like this to be set in stone, unforeseen events and intriguing tangents might change the plan so if you are ever in doubt on what is due and when, please ask
Something Interesting to Check Out: Documentary about Football (soccer) and Fascists
Lesson 1.jpg
Introduction to Mr. Johnson and IB History II
Classroom Expectations
Turning Point of Human History
Introduce Website and Unit Calendar
Start of the Year Survey
Period 5
Period 6
Period 8
Lesson 2.png
Review of I.B. Exam
On-Demand Writing Sample
Lesson 3.jpg
Post War Italy and the Rise of the Fascist Party
Mussolini Takes over the Fascists
How Mussolini becomes Prime Minister?
March on Rome
Waller 65-71
De Grand Chapter 2
HW: Complete Short Answer
(Thesis and 3 paragraphs)
To what extent was the rise of Fascism a popular movement?
Lesson 4.jpg
Mussolini's Consolidates Power 1922-1924
Matteotti's Murder
How and why did Mussolini setup a dictatorial regime in Italy in 1922-1927?
Lesson 5.jpg
Mussolini's Domestic Policies Jigsaw
HW: Complete and Review Mussolini Society and Economy Notes
Lesson 6.jpg
Mussolini's Domestic Policies Evaluation
HW: Read pgs. 113-124 in Waller
Lesson 7.jpg
Weimar Germany and the Great Depression
Compare and Contrast Hitler's appointment as Chancellor to Mussolini's appointment as Prime Minister
HW: Read pgs. 155-160
Lesson 8.jpg
HW: Essay Plan: “Hitler became Fuhrer by manipulating legal loopholes in the German system and by gaining popular support through a masterful propaganda campaign.” To what extent do you agree with this statement?
Essay Plan = Thesis statement, Topic Sentences, Evidence, Secondary Evidence/quotes of Historiography, Restate Thesis
Lesson 9.jpg
Hitler's Domestic Policies Jigsaw
The Burning of the Reichstag
Hitler's Consolidation of Power
Lesson 10.jpg
Hitler's Domestic Policies Evaluation
Small Group Socratic Discussions
HW: Prepare and print notes for Socratic Discussion comparing Hitler and Mussolini's Domestic policies
Lesson 11.jpg
Compare and Contrast Mussolini and Hitler
Who was the better authoritarian?
(Formative Socratic Discussion)
Lesson 12.jpg
Introduction to Paper 1
Mussolini's Foreign Policy Goals and Achievements
Hitler's Foreign Policy Goals and Achievements
HW: Complete German and Italian Foreign Policy notes
Lesson 13.jpg
Causes of the Spanish Civil War
HW: Complete organizer on the causes of the Spanish Civil War
Lesson 14.jpg
Key Events of the Spanish Civil War
HW: Finish First Draft of Script
Lesson 15.jpg
Evaluation of the Spanish Civil War
Complete and Record Spanish Civil War Podcast
HW: Finish Recording Spanish Civil War Podcast
Lesson 16.jpg
Share and Discuss Spanish Civil War Podcasts
Vote (Google Form)
Period 5
Period 6
Period 8
Prepare and Review for On-Demand Essay
HW: Review for on-demand essay
Lesson 17.png
On Demand Essay for Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany
HW: Return textbooks to the library
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